Friday, October 15, 2010

i miss DBSK T_T

I'm interest with DBSK...the only i crazy fOr k-pOp....i'm miss them a lot..mean..i wanna see them together..since JYJ gOt the's hard to see them together...joking, foolong around, tease, fight, singing, playing, dance, talk each other, walk togetehr, have fun, eat, etc...that why now i'm trying to search their activities, program show, concert, long as their that why i use blOg for express my feeling ^^..when i feel sad suddenly..i wanna share what i i think this blog will make me share everything i want..i wanna share at facebook but i don't want they know what i feel since they know who i to share my feeling with someone or whoever i don't want they or u all know about me...Okey..let stop with this ^^...sarangheyooo^^